Tiny Reflections

Tiny reflections on life

Riots after Superbowl

I am so disappointed in humanity right now.  Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.  The score was 41-33.  This was historic because it is the first Super Bowl the Eagles have ever won!  How did the good citizens of Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love”, choose to demonstrate their celebration and honor of the team?  They trashed the city!

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets brawling, flipping over cars, attempting to tear down traffic lights and lamp posts.  Cars and store fronts were damaged. Fires were lit.  People climbed and jumped off light poles.The Ritz Carlton awning collapsed with dozens of people on it.  Macy’s store windows were smashed and people went inside to take selfies with the mannequins.  A lot of people spent the evening listening to the police scanner as the town was under siege.

Despite all of this, the police say the celebrations have mostly been peaceful.  Only three people were ultimately arrested.  Doesn’t it make you wonder what the response would have been had the Eagles lost?  We will never know.

Looking for a good used car

I need to buy a used car and I’m hoping I don’t get ripped off and buy someone else’s problems.  That is the issue with buying a used car but who can really afford a new car?  I’ve lived in mobile homes that cost less than a lot of car’s that roll out of the show rooms these days.  I was lucky the last time I bought a used car that it came with a Car Fax Report.  The Car Fax Report lists all of the maintenance done on the car so I was able to see the previous owner had oil changes done on a regular basis.  I think it will also show you if the car has been involved in an accident at any time.  If that’s the case, there is damage that you cannot see sometimes.

I don’t drive a lot.  I just need a car to get me from home to work and occasional grocery shopping.  I need it to be reliable though and I don’t want to worry every day about it starting.

I’m usually pretty good with cars and I’ll give it a good going over but sellers can be devious and hide issues from you.

I just want a good reliable used car that was only driven to Church on Sunday by a grey-haired Granny.  That’s not asking too much, right?

Sounds Like Chinese Food for Dinner

I really need to get my fat ass to the grocery store and buy some food for the damn house. I just can’t seem to get motivated to go grocery shopping. I hate it. I hate walking up down aisles looking for stuff, I hate seeing how much stuff costs nowadays, and I hate the idea of having to cook. I wish I could just get a bunch of food in boxes and stick one in the microwave any time I get hungry.

Wait, you mean they have frozen dinners that work like that? Amazing! I will have to try some of those. Next time I go grocery shopping. But for tonight, it sounds like Chinese food is for dinner because I’ve nothing in the refrigerator and I am going to try to put off the grocery shopping for a few more days. I just don’t want to deal with it.

Halloween and the Headless Horseman

graphic of Halloween headless horseman

Halloween brings out all kinds of spooks, witches and monsters. One of the all time most scary movies I ever watched was about the Headless Horseman. I saw that movie when I was about 6 years old and it scared the living crap out of me. I’m serious – to a little kid, that shit is scary.

Now I am just fascinated with the story and have seen a remake of the movie that is not as frightening – even with all the new special effects that the movies have available to them now. If you get a chance – watch the original movie about the headless horseman and then watch the remake. Tell me what you think.

Anyone Seen a Good Movie Lately?

I am sick of being stuck in the house all the time. I need to get out and do something fun for a change. I like to go to movie theaters – can’t afford the popcorn and sodas anymore, but I can still afford a movie ticket. I just don’t know what is good out there right now. Anybody know a good movie they can recommend? Anybody want to go with me this Friday nights? I’m getting out of the house, even if I have to go by myself.