Actually got a few things accomplished last night after I was done with work. Decided that I could fix a couple of the broken light switches in the basement, mission accomplished! It went so quick and easy I thought I’d go out and install the motion detector that I had bought and brought home here a few weeks ago. I dare those assholes to come on my property now, with that bright light shining on them, it will be so easy to shoot them in the ass with my pellet gun, although I’d prefer to use my shotgun, but I don’t need to end up behind bars because of something like this.

After a bit of fumbling around trying to figure out the best spot to secure it and where I could easily tap into the electric, I found a hot junction box right where I wanted to put the light. Except for my banging my fucking head on the ladder when I was setting it up, it too went smoothly and I once again patted myself on the back for a job well done. Then I sat down in the easy chair in the living and was out like a light.