One of my pet peeves are the tail-gaiters on the roads. I have no patience for people that seem to be in such a hurry, while behind the wheel, that they have to ride the ass of the person/vehicle in front of them. I have seen too many people really hurt from being rear ended, my uncle being one of them. Five years ago some cocksucker rear-ended him and he has been in so much pain and distress ever since. He can’t hold a job because of the pain and the narcotics that he has to take make him a zombie, and is damned close to losing his house because there is no money coming in. You see the asshole who crashed into him had no insurance and has fled the country. What a nightmare.

My kid sister asked me to give her a ride to school yesterday, which is mainly back-roads to get there, there was some bitch riding my ass, big time. As we came around a curve there was something in the middle of the road. Wasn’t sure if it was an animal or what, and was hoping that it would soon get out of the way. Unfortunately by the time I realized that it was a log and that it wasn’t able to move, it was too late to slam on my brakes, or else the bitch behind me would have rear-ended me and I wasn’t about to have that happen. Yes we could always get a new car, but we are only given one body and I didn’t want either one of us hurt so I ended up driving over the log. There was a lot of noise going on under my car while it was going over this log. God only knows what kind of damage that log caused. Now I have to take the damn thing to the shop to see if any damage was done.

I got the bitch’s tag number and if there is any damage you can bloody well believe that I’ll be coming after her ass to pay for the damages.