My dad will be retiring soon. he was going to try to do it this summer, but since the economy is still in deep shit,  he had second thoughts about leaving a solid paycheck behind. I can’t blame him – to retire now would be very fucking risky and I’m so fucking glad that he is smart enough to realize that. When he does retire, we have big plans for a huge ass party in his honor. We want to have a rented hall with catered food and a DJ for dancing, with a well stocked bar to keep everyone toasted. We’ll invite everyone from his past jobs and companies, all the neighbors, his college and Navy buddies that are still around – everyone can come and hopefully have a butt load of fun to help him celebrate leaving the fucking working world and enjoying endless days of golf as well as some travel, of course.

As part of the party, I plan to present him with a fucking gorgeous classic timepiece, a Rolex watch. He actually has one now, but I want to get him a special one to commemorate this well earned retirement. I’m pretty sure that most men will agree, the very best luxury timepieces are made by Rolex. I need want to be careful as shit with my money when buying this gift – being frugal runs in the family, a good thing to be in times like these.  I’m ready to buy the watch for my dad as soon as I know when the date is better known and a bit firmer.