Doing maintenance on my computer this morning, I’ve been moving files to new folders and trying to clean up my hard drive. One thing that I did not realize until today is that I have an awful lot of files that are in the PDF format.  The PDF format is very popular among real estate people because you cannot easily change the text or content of a PDF document. It is easy to create a PDF file but not so easy to change the goddamn thing. So that helps reduce the chance of fraud. But with all these PDF files, I guess I need to download a Free PDF Search tool. That will help me find the file that I need out of the hundreds that are saved on my drive.

I came across an interesting group of blogs today. They are called photo blogs. The blogs are hosted and run by amateur and professional photographers all over the fucking world. The majority of them post one new photo each day or so, although some only post once or twice a month. It is fun going to this collection of sites and seeing what photos they’ve taken and are willing to share on the internet.