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Entries for September, 2008

Sex tubes are taking over

Places like You Hot Tube are taking over the internet fast, the reason? Because they give away free porn videos. yes that is the secret behind this and other great places like them call sex tubes. Give away what everyone else is charging for and you will bring them in by the millions! And yes […]

Get it on cam!

For awhile now I have been using this sex cam service to have a fun time on the weekends with friends! My friends come over and we all chip in after poker and watch these girls do what ever we tell them on my high definition BIG screen. Lots of fun times and things we […]

Where I go to get my adult things!

When buying anything adult oriented I always like to shop online like for my adult movies and toys and what have you. The reason being is that going to the local store always freaks me out a bit. Everyone in the store is there for the same reason you are if not something worse, there […]

Sex, toys and romantic times

Adding some sex toys to the mix the next time you have a romantic encounter is sure to spice tings up a bit call it my one guarantee in life. Should for some reason the other person freaks out completely tell them not to worry you were only doing to enhance the moment even more […]

My very first date online!

I still remember texting this guy for years online before we met and we got to talking so much over the years that I knew I just had to meet him just once to see what he was like in person by that time I had seen pics talked endlessly over the phone and even […]