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Entries for October, 2008

Whats the best blog post you ever seen or read?

Out of the something like 100 million blogs on the internet and all the billions of blog posts and who knows how many text words what was and is the best blog post ever in your opinion? I have not come across my favorite one yet. But i am extremely interested in hearing from you […]

Neat ideas for adult weblogs

There are a couple of cool blogs out there that are made just for adults but they are very neat. My favorite is this sex toys weblog that features different adult toys by some great product manufacturers. I have bought several of the toys they have featured on the blog and believe me they worked!. […]

The true penis pump story!

My friend the other day was fucking around in my room and came across my penis pump and asked me if it worked or not? And when I told him it did he said no way and did not believe me. I told him that just after a couple of months any man should see […]

What is it about our shoes

My friend Jun Hoez writes in his blog about a Fesh pair of Jordans. In his post he writes this! Just got from the store with my new pair of Jordans. This years Jordans have a shine to them o the show that makes it look hot. At first I thought it was plastic but […]

Thats what up with us!

Mrs Mary writes in her blog a post titled Whats up with our society. In her blog post she writes this What is it about society that deems some forms of entertainment acceptable but other not. For instance in my town prostitution is illegal but there are tons of massage parlors and strip clubs that […]