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Name a Good Beer

Hardly ever buy beer, but I have a recipe for brisket that calls for it. This recipe comes with really good recommendation, so I’m going to follow the instructions exactly. It says to add one bottle of beer. So I have to go to the store and buy something. Any suggestions?

Who Sang That?

My kids was singing a song called, “My Girl.” The music teacher decided that this was a good song to teach the third grade class. I remember that tune, but cannot think of who sang it. The kids says it was Michael Jackson. Was it really? I was thinking it was the Four Tops or […]


There is a game online for people who like Scrabble but want to play by themselves. It’s called bookworm and I am addicted to it. I get a board with tiles on it and have to make words to get points. When the tiles are used in the word you create, they come off the […]