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Bad Food

The number one trending search term on Yahoo this morning was for “deadly cucumbers.” At first I thought hat would be a joke. What could possibly be deadly about cucumbers? If you buy them at the sto and scrub them when you get home, there should not be anything poisonous about a cucumber that you […]

Router Gone Bad

For a couple of days I had some trouble being online at home. It wasn’t a big deal, because some days I don’t do much online except check Facebook and email. But last night I decided to play an online game with some friends and the damn router quit working on me. So now I […]

Knock on Wood

How funny that I was just talking with someone about internet security and all these hackers and viruses bothering everyone. And then I find out this morning that some jackoff had hacked into my email and copped all my contacts. I was lulled into a false sense of security, I guess. None of the antivirus […]

Run for the Roses

This is a very busy weekend. Not only do we have the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, but the Great Tennessee Air Show, The Iroquois Steeplechase, The Kentucky Derby, my friend Sandy’s college graduation party AND Mother’s Day. I am in a real spot trying to figure out how to squeeze in the best of the choices […]

Six Principles for Success

You should note the name of the mastermind behind the Osama Bin Laden raid that lead to the death of the terrorist. He planned the Navy SEALS raid and is our greatest hero since the attack on New York and the Pentagon almost 10 years ago: Vice Admiral William McRaven. In 1995, Vice Adm McRaven […]