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Entries for September, 2011

Flat Screens

We have been slowly upgrading our TVs in the house to the flat screen high definition models. We were astonished to realize that we have a TV in every single room except the bathroom. I didn’t think much about this until I stayed at the Caeser’s Palace hotel in Las Vegas and they had a […]

Riding Horses

If you had to ride an animal, what would you choose? I mean, people have ridden all kinds of animals. Everything from horses to elephants to dolphins. So what would you choose to ride? I think I would stick with a traditional and proven ride – the Quarterhorse.

Fun With Music


When is the last time you ordered nachos? I hardly ever go to a Mexican restaurant, but when I do, I am happy with the basket of fried tortilla chips and salsa, then I want to get right to a good main course. But for some reason I am craving a big plate of nachos […]

Cars All Look Alike

At least back in the day the cars all had personalities. The cars of the 1950-2 and 1960-s all had style. You need a Ford from a Chevy just from looking at the grill or the fins. You knew that a car was hot and expensive from the style, the accessories, the whole package. Now […]