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Party Weekend

This weekend is the holiday weekend all the kids in grownup skin have been waiting for. I think adults are more excited about Halloween this year than there are kids. Some of my friends have spent more than $100 on elaborate costumes. I haven’t even figured out what I want to be.

Pizza Night

I’m not cooking dinner and I’m sick to death of hamburgers. This is going to have to be a pizza night. Seriously need something hot and flavorful. I’m ordering it online and plan to be chowing down on something good with lots of toppings within the hour. Thank god for pizza delivery.

Ham Sandwich

Tomorrow I have to pack a lunch. I bought some ham at the grocery store and knew that I would make a sandwich from that ham and whatever else was on hand in the kitchen. Turns out I have a bunch of choices. I would really like just ham and swiss cheese on two slices […]

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