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Entries for November, 2011

Pumpkin Spices

Never have been a big fan of pumpkin pie. It is too mushy for me. But I sure do love the smell of all those pumpkin pie spices that fill the house while the pie is baking. I could just bake the pies and give them away. Or maybe I should go to the store […]

Raked 8 bags of Leaves

There are so many trees in my neighbors yard that we have to battle with fallen leaves for months, Turns out that the regular trash people will only take 2 bags of leaves every week when they pick up our normal trash. Well, today I raked up 8 bags – so that’s a month of […]

Worried About My Friend Tiffany

There is definitely something wrong going on with Tiffany. She has gotten so negative about everything you cannot even carry a convo with her. I wonder why she is so down on everything? Maybe this will bring a spark back to her eyes.