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Entries for February, 2012


I am starving and definitely do not feel like cooking. I am going to the Road House Steak house to eat and I am going to pig out on steak and baked potatoes and whatever else my heart desires. I fucking love a good steak house. There is nothing better to a man than that. […]

Pool competition tonight

I am going to The Tavern for the pool competition tonight. Last time I played I got second place and won some money to boot. I want first place tonight. Two of my brothers are meeting me there and we are going to try to take all three places so that our last name is […]

Damned car

My water pump on my car went out and over heated the fucking car. Since it is a four cylinder it probably blew the head gasket as well. That means a trip to Advanced Auto Parts to get what I need to fix the problem. I will have to change the timing belt when I […]


Paypal is the shit. I like having the option of not giving every site I want to buy something from my credit card information. Paypal makes it easy for me to have that info in one place. I am very careful too, because I change my password frequently to keep hackers at bay. Ebay is […]

Giants win

Well that is that. The Giants won the fucking super bowl and the Pats go home with their heads hanging down, but not too much. They put up a good fight and the game was really close, but they just couldn’t take the Giants. I am like all men sad that the season is over, […]