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Where’s The Beef? If It Was Up Your Ass You Would Know Where It Is

I’ll never forget the first time some one asked me “Where’s The Beef?” remember that saying that those two old ladies made so popular back in the 80’s? For some reason my response of “If it was up your ass you would know where it was” just came flowing out of my mouth and man […]

Lady Gag Me

This Lady Gaga is making me gag. I’ve started calling her Lady Gag Me. She is one sleazy, hot mess. She is not pretty. She has a nice body, but so what? So do a million other girls in their teens and twenties. All of her extreme makeup and almost nude costumes do not impress […]

Six Principles for Success

You should note the name of the mastermind behind the Osama Bin Laden raid that lead to the death of the terrorist. He planned the Navy SEALS raid and is our greatest hero since the attack on New York and the Pentagon almost 10 years ago: Vice Admiral William McRaven. In 1995, Vice Adm McRaven […]

Who Sang That?

My kids was singing a song called, “My Girl.” The music teacher decided that this was a good song to teach the third grade class. I remember that tune, but cannot think of who sang it. The kids says it was Michael Jackson. Was it really? I was thinking it was the Four Tops or […]

Rastafarian Joke

Do you watch “Family Guy?” I don’t do it deliberately, but somehow it ends up on the TV every once in a while, so I watch a little bit here and there. It’s funny how they joke on American culture. I get it.