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Sounds Like Chinese Food for Dinner

I really need to get my fat ass to the grocery store and buy some food for the damn house. I just can’t seem to get motivated to go grocery shopping. I hate it. I hate walking up down aisles looking for stuff, I hate seeing how much stuff costs nowadays, and I hate the […]

The History Channel

The History Channel has a show running about the old 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Defense bunkers in Virginia. The Cold War had everyone freaked out and people were building bomb shelters and holding air raid drills throughout my parent’s childhoods. They used to tell me stories about the Civil Air Patrol meetings they attended and […]

Careful As Shit With My Money

My dad will be retiring soon. he was going to try to do it this summer, but since the economy is still in deep shit,  he had second thoughts about leaving a solid paycheck behind. I can’t blame him – to retire now would be very fucking risky and I’m so fucking glad that he […]

Ham and Eggs Weekend

This is the big weekend for eating ham. My family has had a ham dinner on Easter Sunday for every fucking year of my life. It’s a big thing around here, but I don’t care. I like ham any time – it doesn’t have to be Easter for me to want to buy a fucking […]

Fucking road trip

I am taking a fucking road trip all by myself and getting the hell out of town next weekend. I didn’t invite anyone with me, because I am taking my Harley and unless someone has a bike, I am not interested in them going. I am going to ride to Myrtle Beach, SC and spend […]