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Careful As Shit With My Money

My dad will be retiring soon. he was going to try to do it this summer, but since the economy is still in deep shit,  he had second thoughts about leaving a solid paycheck behind. I can’t blame him – to retire now would be very fucking risky and I’m so fucking glad that he […]

Take This Cell Phone and Shove It

The end of September can’t come quick enough for me. Come October 1st I plan on telling Verizon to go fuck itself and to shove their piece of shit cell phone up their big old corporate ass once and for all. There was a time that I had everything with Verizon. My cell phone, home […]


I found a project to work on when I am at home. I bought an old truck that I am going to turn into a fucking mud truck. It will take some time to accomplish, but it will be worth it in the end. The truck was really cheap and needs a lot of work, […]

Pool competition tonight

I am going to The Tavern for the pool competition tonight. Last time I played I got second place and won some money to boot. I want first place tonight. Two of my brothers are meeting me there and we are going to try to take all three places so that our last name is […]


Paypal is the shit. I like having the option of not giving every site I want to buy something from my credit card information. Paypal makes it easy for me to have that info in one place. I am very careful too, because I change my password frequently to keep hackers at bay. Ebay is […]