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Miss my old shows

I fucking miss my old shows, like Star Trek; The Next Generation and Star Gate; Atlantis and SG 1. I really love my SyFy, but they haven’t been putting out much that I am interested in lately. Everything is about Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves and shit. It’s gotten really annoying. the only promise that I have for […]

Fucking Tooth Ache

My Granny used to tell us kids all the time, “Take care of your fucking teeth.” and she was pretty mean about making us brush our teeth every night before we went to bed. I still do that, because the old woman was dead on. When your tooth hurts, nothing goes right. A toothache never […]


I am starving and definitely do not feel like cooking. I am going to the Road House Steak house to eat and I am going to pig out on steak and baked potatoes and whatever else my heart desires. I fucking love a good steak house. There is nothing better to a man than that. […]

Damned car

My water pump on my car went out and over heated the fucking car. Since it is a four cylinder it probably blew the head gasket as well. That means a trip to Advanced Auto Parts to get what I need to fix the problem. I will have to change the timing belt when I […]

Football season is almost over

and that really sucks ass. I love me some football and while I am glad that the super bowl is coming up it also marks the end of the season. Fuck. At least Nascar starts right after football ends. I gotta have something to watch on TV dammit…lol I am not into all those cutsy […]