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I love this shit

I just bought myself a new Ipod, and I love this shit. I can do so much more with this one. I can watch movies on it, go online, chat with friends, play games. It has a touch screen and holds a massive amount of data. Of course it cost an arm and a leg, […]

Pearl Jam Hits

Building my playlists on Spotify, I keep seeing the suggested similar artists pop up claiming that I should like Pearl Jam. But I don’t really like Pearl Jam. I can’t name a single song they’ve done. Maybe if I listen to some of their songs I will recognize one or two, but right now I’m […]

Fun With Music

Lady Gag Me

This Lady Gaga is making me gag. I’ve started calling her Lady Gag Me. She is one sleazy, hot mess. She is not pretty. She has a nice body, but so what? So do a million other girls in their teens and twenties. All of her extreme makeup and almost nude costumes do not impress […]

Who Sang That?

My kids was singing a song called, “My Girl.” The music teacher decided that this was a good song to teach the third grade class. I remember that tune, but cannot think of who sang it. The kids says it was Michael Jackson. Was it really? I was thinking it was the Four Tops or […]