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The History Channel

The History Channel has a show running about the old 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Defense bunkers in Virginia. The Cold War had everyone freaked out and people were building bomb shelters and holding air raid drills throughout my parent’s childhoods. They used to tell me stories about the Civil Air Patrol meetings they attended and […]

Careful As Shit With My Money

My dad will be retiring soon. he was going to try to do it this summer, but since the economy is still in deep shit,  he had second thoughts about leaving a solid paycheck behind. I can’t blame him – to retire now would be very fucking risky and I’m so fucking glad that he […]

Piece Of Shit Gas Guzzling Mini Van

Went to Walgreens on today to pick up the Sunday newspaper. They are running a special on it for 99 cents, which is almost half price for the paper. This is great when you don’t want to get the newspaper delivered to your driveway. I wish I could say delivered to your door, but those […]

Fucking Tooth Ache

My Granny used to tell us kids all the time, “Take care of your fucking teeth.” and she was pretty mean about making us brush our teeth every night before we went to bed. I still do that, because the old woman was dead on. When your tooth hurts, nothing goes right. A toothache never […]

Damned car

My water pump on my car went out and over heated the fucking car. Since it is a four cylinder it probably blew the head gasket as well. That means a trip to Advanced Auto Parts to get what I need to fix the problem. I will have to change the timing belt when I […]