Tiny Reflections

Tiny reflections on life

The History Channel

The History Channel has a show running about the old 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Defense bunkers in Virginia. The Cold War had everyone freaked out and people were building bomb shelters and holding air raid drills throughout my parent’s childhoods. They used to tell me stories about the Civil Air Patrol meetings they attended and emergency evacuation plans they had made that used to scare the shit out of the kids.

An abandoned bunker explorer on the show has a treasure trove of artifacts from 1959, from the old telephone handsets to the radios and even food rations. They showed a fucking can of biscuits that was left behind from 1959. The people confined in this damned bunker would have had to exist on 700 calories each day – that is the minimum amount of calories that a human needs to survive. I’m so fucking glad that those days are well behind us.

I love the History Channel. Funny how the older I get the more interested I am in learning about world history. I find that I enjoy reading historical novels and have entertained the thought of actually going back to school and taking some history classes. I wouldn’t want to take these classes online like so many people are doing. I would enjoy going to a traditional class room with other people to share and discuss things with. There is no shortage of community colleges in the area that I’m sure I could attend. Guess it’s just a matter of getting off my ass and going online and find out more about it. Got to start some where and finding out how much money they require is a good place to start as any.

Careful As Shit With My Money

My dad will be retiring soon. he was going to try to do it this summer, but since the economy is still in deep shit,  he had second thoughts about leaving a solid paycheck behind. I can’t blame him – to retire now would be very fucking risky and I’m so fucking glad that he is smart enough to realize that. When he does retire, we have big plans for a huge ass party in his honor. We want to have a rented hall with catered food and a DJ for dancing, with a well stocked bar to keep everyone toasted. We’ll invite everyone from his past jobs and companies, all the neighbors, his college and Navy buddies that are still around – everyone can come and hopefully have a butt load of fun to help him celebrate leaving the fucking working world and enjoying endless days of golf as well as some travel, of course.

As part of the party, I plan to present him with a fucking gorgeous classic timepiece, a Rolex watch. He actually has one now, but I want to get him a special one to commemorate this well earned retirement. I’m pretty sure that most men will agree, the very best luxury timepieces are made by Rolex. I need want to be careful as shit with my money when buying this gift – being frugal runs in the family, a good thing to be in times like these.  I’m ready to buy the watch for my dad as soon as I know when the date is better known and a bit firmer.

Piece Of Shit Gas Guzzling Mini Van

Went to Walgreens on today to pick up the Sunday newspaper. They are running a special on it for 99 cents, which is almost half price for the paper. This is great when you don’t want to get the newspaper delivered to your driveway. I wish I could say delivered to your door, but those days are long gone. Now the “paperboy” is typically a fat old lady driving a broke down piece of shit gas guzzling minivan on the wrong side of the street at 4:00 in the morning, throwing the newspapers out of the driver’s window as she drives by.

If the old cunt is yacking on her cell phone (to who knows who at 4:00 am???) or its raining or if she is in a fucking hurry because she overslept or got out of the depot late, or any of the other shit that life throws at us, there is a 2 in 10 chance that she will forget to throw your paper in your actual driveway. Plus the odds are against you that the newspaper even put your address on the poor woman’s route sheet in the right order, or at all. Or that the newspapers got to the warehouse on time, or that they delivered enough inserts to make an entire Sunday paper. So if getting a Sunday paper is important to you, I recommend finding the drug store of the month or convenience store that is selling them for half price and stop in to buy your paper. The down side to that is that if everyone did that then there wouldn’t be a need for a paper delivery person anymore and those jobs are fucking important to these people especially these days with the economy still in deep shit.

Shoot Them Right In The Ass

Actually got a few things accomplished last night after I was done with work. Decided that I could fix a couple of the broken light switches in the basement, mission accomplished! It went so quick and easy I thought I’d go out and install the motion detector that I had bought and brought home here a few weeks ago. I dare those assholes to come on my property now, with that bright light shining on them, it will be so easy to shoot them in the ass with my pellet gun, although I’d prefer to use my shotgun, but I don’t need to end up behind bars because of something like this.

After a bit of fumbling around trying to figure out the best spot to secure it and where I could easily tap into the electric, I found a hot junction box right where I wanted to put the light. Except for my banging my fucking head on the ladder when I was setting it up, it too went smoothly and I once again patted myself on the back for a job well done. Then I sat down in the easy chair in the living and was out like a light.



Tail-Gaiters Are Assholes

One of my pet peeves are the tail-gaiters on the roads. I have no patience for people that seem to be in such a hurry, while behind the wheel, that they have to ride the ass of the person/vehicle in front of them. I have seen too many people really hurt from being rear ended, my uncle being one of them. Five years ago some cocksucker rear-ended him and he has been in so much pain and distress ever since. He can’t hold a job because of the pain and the narcotics that he has to take make him a zombie, and is damned close to losing his house because there is no money coming in. You see the asshole who crashed into him had no insurance and has fled the country. What a nightmare.

My kid sister asked me to give her a ride to school yesterday, which is mainly back-roads to get there, there was some bitch riding my ass, big time. As we came around a curve there was something in the middle of the road. Wasn’t sure if it was an animal or what, and was hoping that it would soon get out of the way. Unfortunately by the time I realized that it was a log and that it wasn’t able to move, it was too late to slam on my brakes, or else the bitch behind me would have rear-ended me and I wasn’t about to have that happen. Yes we could always get a new car, but we are only given one body and I didn’t want either one of us hurt so I ended up driving over the log. There was a lot of noise going on under my car while it was going over this log. God only knows what kind of damage that log caused. Now I have to take the damn thing to the shop to see if any damage was done.

I got the bitch’s tag number and if there is any damage you can bloody well believe that I’ll be coming after her ass to pay for the damages.