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Where’s The Beef? If It Was Up Your Ass You Would Know Where It Is

I’ll never forget the first time some one asked me “Where’s The Beef?” remember that saying that those two old ladies made so popular back in the 80’s? For some reason my response of “If it was up your ass you would know where it was” just came flowing out of my mouth and man […]

Rastafarian Joke

Do you watch “Family Guy?” I don’t do it deliberately, but somehow it ends up on the TV every once in a while, so I watch a little bit here and there. It’s funny how they joke on American culture. I get it.

Two Feet of Snow

This is funny unless you are dealing with two feet of snow in your driveway. Then its not so funny. But I live in the South and don’t own a snow shovel. Why shovel snow? You can get a heart attack from that! Its going to melt in a day or two anyway.