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x-mas shoppin

I hate this time of year. Dealing with the fucking crowds when i do my Christmas shopping. I really need to start doing it earlier in the year so I don’t have to deal with these people. The mall is going to be packed, but there is one plus. I get to go to Dave […]

Going to the gym…

I know I have weights at home but I am going to the gym with some friends and then we are going to go out to eat and shit. There’s a great health food menu at Applebee’s, so that is where we are going to eat. Besides, their food is fucking good. Now I gotta […]

New Fall Shows

The commercials have started for the new fall shows on the major networks. I have seen a few that look interesting, like the one on CBS called “Same Name.” The new shows might be worth a look, but I don’t have time to watch a lot of TV and I’m going to have to prioritize […]

Two Feet of Snow

This is funny unless you are dealing with two feet of snow in your driveway. Then its not so funny. But I live in the South and don’t own a snow shovel. Why shovel snow? You can get a heart attack from that! Its going to melt in a day or two anyway.


Can you believe that they are all ready starting to put Christmas items for the up and coming holiday season? It is still summer for goodness sake. Soon they will all be playing Christmas music, arg……I’m thinking that the stores are really freaking out about the economy issues that aren’t lightening up any time soon […]