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What A Good Kid

My15 year old kid sister is still so shy and clean cut, bless her heart. It’s hard to believe that she is related to any of the rest of us in the family. It is so easy to embarrass this girl. She will turn beat red just by hearing the word tits or ass, it […]

Party Weekend

This weekend is the holiday weekend all the kids in grownup skin have been waiting for. I think adults are more excited about Halloween this year than there are kids. Some of my friends have spent more than $100 on elaborate costumes. I haven’t even figured out what I want to be.

Who Sang That?

My kids was singing a song called, “My Girl.” The music teacher decided that this was a good song to teach the third grade class. I remember that tune, but cannot think of who sang it. The kids says it was Michael Jackson. Was it really? I was thinking it was the Four Tops or […]