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Pearl Jam Hits

Building my playlists on Spotify, I keep seeing the suggested similar artists pop up claiming that I should like Pearl Jam. But I don’t really like Pearl Jam. I can’t name a single song they’ve done. Maybe if I listen to some of their songs I will recognize one or two, but right now I’m […]

Pumpkin Spices

Never have been a big fan of pumpkin pie. It is too mushy for me. But I sure do love the smell of all those pumpkin pie spices that fill the house while the pie is baking. I could just bake the pies and give them away. Or maybe I should go to the store […]

Worried About My Friend Tiffany

There is definitely something wrong going on with Tiffany. She has gotten so negative about everything you cannot even carry a convo with her. I wonder why she is so down on everything? Maybe this will bring a spark back to her eyes.

Bruised Foot

If you are lucky enough to be basically healthy and fit, I bet you take your health for granted. I know that I wake up each morning expecting all of my body parts to work like they are supposed to.I think we should be a little more grateful for that. So this morning, when my […]