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Halloween and the Headless Horseman

Halloween brings out all kinds of spooks, witches and monsters. One of the all time most scary movies I ever watched was about the Headless Horseman. I saw that movie when I was about 6 years old and it scared the living crap out of me. I’m serious – to a little kid, that shit […]

Anyone Seen a Good Movie Lately?

I am sick of being stuck in the house all the time. I need to get out and do something fun for a change. I like to go to movie theaters – can’t afford the popcorn and sodas anymore, but I can still afford a movie ticket. I just don’t know what is good out […]


I am starving and definitely do not feel like cooking. I am going to the Road House Steak house to eat and I am going to pig out on steak and baked potatoes and whatever else my heart desires. I fucking love a good steak house. There is nothing better to a man than that. […]