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Super Bowl

I can’t wait for the fucking Super Bowl. It is the high point of every mans year. We wait all year for football season, then root for our favorite team and pray like we never have before that our team goes to the super bowl. This year the competing teams are the New England Patriots […]

Pizza Night

I’m not cooking dinner and I’m sick to death of hamburgers. This is going to have to be a pizza night. Seriously need something hot and flavorful. I’m ordering it online and plan to be chowing down on something good with lots of toppings within the hour. Thank god for pizza delivery.

Pizza, Gotta Love It

I’ve noticed that I have become down right picky when it comes to my pizza these days. If it isn’t Dominoes – with their thin crust with extra pepperoni – then I’m just not happy. I can’t stand a soggy thick crust that is all mushy in my mouth, just the texture of it makes my […]