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Piece Of Shit Gas Guzzling Mini Van

Went to Walgreens on today to pick up the Sunday newspaper. They are running a special on it for 99 cents, which is almost half price for the paper. This is great when you don’t want to get the newspaper delivered to your driveway. I wish I could say delivered to your door, but those […]

Riding Horses

If you had to ride an animal, what would you choose? I mean, people have ridden all kinds of animals. Everything from horses to elephants to dolphins. So what would you choose to ride? I think I would stick with a traditional and proven ride – the Quarterhorse.

Fish Bowl

A friend of mine lives in New York City. He has a tiny apartment in a high rise and doesn’t own a car. He walks to where he needs to go and if he needs a ride he just hails a cab. I can’t imagine living without a car at my beck and call. I […]