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What A Good Kid

My15 year old kid sister is still so shy and clean cut, bless her heart. It’s hard to believe that she is related to any of the rest of us in the family. It is so easy to embarrass this girl. She will turn beat red just by hearing the word tits or ass, it […]

Six Principles for Success

You should note the name of the mastermind behind the Osama Bin Laden raid that lead to the death of the terrorist. He planned the Navy SEALS raid and is our greatest hero since the attack on New York and the Pentagon almost 10 years ago: Vice Admiral William McRaven. In 1995, Vice Adm McRaven […]

Treasure Chest

If you had a treasure chest, what would be in it? There was this touching scene from “Throw Mama From the Train” where the Danny Devito character shares his treasures with his new friend. It was an assortment of odd things that had special meanings to him. I want to start  own treasure chest. I […]