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The History Channel

The History Channel has a show running about the old 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Defense bunkers in Virginia. The Cold War had everyone freaked out and people were building bomb shelters and holding air raid drills throughout my parent’s childhoods. They used to tell me stories about the Civil Air Patrol meetings they attended and […]

Fucking Election Commercials and Signs

This election can’t get here soon enough. I am so fucking tired of all of the political commercials that are clogging up the air waves 24/7 about these two idiots that are running for President. I hate commercials, any kind of commercial unless it has a naked broad with a nice set of tits to […]

Where’s The Beef? If It Was Up Your Ass You Would Know Where It Is

I’ll never forget the first time some one asked me “Where’s The Beef?” remember that saying that those two old ladies made so popular back in the 80’s? For some reason my response of “If it was up your ass you would know where it was” just came flowing out of my mouth and man […]

Super Bowl

I can’t wait for the fucking Super Bowl. It is the high point of every mans year. We wait all year for football season, then root for our favorite team and pray like we never have before that our team goes to the super bowl. This year the competing teams are the New England Patriots […]

Football season is almost over

and that really sucks ass. I love me some football and while I am glad that the super bowl is coming up it also marks the end of the season. Fuck. At least Nascar starts right after football ends. I gotta have something to watch on TV dammit…lol I am not into all those cutsy […]